Biological Camouflage

Softshell Camo is a biologically derived camouflage inspired by the natural camo pattern of the Guadalupe spiny softshell turtle, a TRUE camouflage pattern --not twigs and leaves-- designed by nature for the best concealment from some of the keenest eyes on the planet. The natural pattern has been digitally enhanced by professional wildlife biologists to incorporate specs of white light to better imitate latent light penetrating foliage and to match the most abundant color spectrums of different ecosystems. This allows a hunter to blend in virtually any terrain, stay concealed from multiple game species, and eliminate the guess work of what camouflage you should be using in order to continuously produce results time and time again. Hunt using a camouflage that has been perfected over thousands of years of evolution. Stay hidden as nature intended.

 Softshell Camo... Be Flexible.