Softshell Camo has been developed into four different pattern variations, enabling hunters to be successful in multiple terrain types from the south Texas brush country and the American Southwest to the boreal forests of the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia... And anywhere else you can think of.
Softshell Camo... Be Flexible.


Softshell Camo-- The first of its kind, this pattern provides extreme performance in multiple terrains ranging from early season deciduous forests, evergreen ecosystems such as the Rocky Mountains and American Southeast, and the brush country of South Texas. The original Softshell Camo pattern will help you succeed anywhere you go.
Buckskin--  Integrates the vermiculation found on big game animals themselves for an added biological camouflage advantage. This is the preferred choice when pursuing game in rocky, arid, and deciduous environments. If you find yourself sheep or elk hunting in the American Southwest or chasing monster whitetails in the Midwest, Softshell Buckskin will give YOU the upper hand. 
Grassflats--  Is designed to keep you hidden in the grasslands and marshes of North America. Big game and waterfowl hunters alike can find reliability in Softshell Grassflats.  
Refractions-- Fly fishing and sight casting has never been more productive than while wearing Softshell Refractions. The pattern of light blues and yellows mimic the summer sky while you search for the catch of a lifetime.